When God wants to move... he raises up a leader.


Today, only...

15 %

of people under the age of 40  
are serving in high-level leadership
positions in church communities  
across the nation.

Many young people feel the passion 
and call to serve God with their lives...
but don't know where to begin.

What if You had the opportunity to...

Get Experience

...like working 12 hours a week receiving hands on
ministry experience in a church that manages
500+ attendees each week.

Get Mentored

...like working 1 on 1 in a ministry area of your choice
with someone who has years of experience in that area...
Areas like Children, Student, or Media Ministry.

Get Equipped

...like receiving a foundation of both practical and classroom
style training in leadership and theology, sitting under a pastoral
staff with over 37 years of experience.

Here's the bottom line

Your generation needs you to answer the call.

...and here's a way to begin

When God wants to move, he raises up someone like YOU.

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