The Student volunteer force of Victory Church and Rooted Student Ministry


A leader is someone who steps up and leads the way by example. That is why, at Rooted, we invite every student to take on the challenge of becoming a student leader by joining what we call the “V-team!”

What is the V-team?

The V-team is the name of our volunteer team at Victory church. They are the people who work to make everything at Victory possible, from running  our cafe to operating media equipment in service, to singing and playing instruments on our music team, and much, much more.

How do students join the V-team?

Complete a “Participation Profile” - A questionaire that tells us more about you and how you might like to get involved at Victory Church and/or Rooted. CLICK HERE to complete yours!

After we have looked over your questionaire, we will suggest a volunteer opportunity for you, and get you started volunteering with us on a schedule that works for you! The moment that you start volunteering with us, you are considered a STUDENT LEADER on Victory’s V-team! You will receive a badge to wear when you serve, a V-team t-shirt, and be entered on to our V-team Student Leader Board!

Start earning points through participating at Rooted and Victory Church. Track your points on our V-team Student Leaderboard which will earn you the ability to lead your peers with greater and greater infulence by crossing MILESTONES!


What is the Student Leadership Board?

When you participate at Rooted and Victory Church, you will have the opportunity to earn points. These points, as they accumulate, will cause you to cross milestones. Certain milestones will open up the door to opportunities to lead at Rooted not afforded to everyone. The Student Leadership Board is the place where we will track your points. At the end of each service, this board will be at the stage for you to report your points and track your progress.

How do students earn points on the V-team?

Below is a list of all the ways you can earn points through participation. Some things you can only earn points for once, while others, you can earn over and over again. Items marked with a (*) can be earned multiple times:

JOIN THE V-TEAM (+20 points) You automatically start off with 20 points just for getting started!

SUBSRIBE TO ROOTED'S TEXT MESSAGES (+20 points) If you already receive Rooted text messages, way to go! Mark this as complete the next time your report your points and you’ll get 20 points! If not, stop by the Student V-team booth and tell them you’d like to subscribe!

MEMORIZE AND RECITE THE ROOTED VISION VERSE (+20 points) Rooted’s vision verse is the heartbeat of who we are and what we do in Student Ministry. Memorize this verse and recite it to someone working at the V-team Booth. Rooted’s vision verse is: Colossians 2:7 “Let your roots grow down into Him, and let your life be built on Him, then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught and you will overflow with thankfulness.”

*READ A BOOK OF THE BIBLE (+25 points) Read a book of the Bible and get 25 points! You may only receive points for a book of the Bible that you have not yet received points for. Additionally, these points only apply to books that you’ve read AFTER having joined the V-team.

*INVITE AND/OR BRING A FIRST-TIME GUEST TO ROOTED(+15 points) This would be any student in grades 6-12 who you invite and/or bring with you to attend on a Wednesday night or Sunday morning who has never attended before.

*MEMORIZE AND RECITE A SCRIPTURE PASSAGE (+10 points) Choose a single scripture verse. Recite the reference and verse to someone working the V-team Booth and receive +10 points!

*ATTEND YOUR LIFE GROUP GATHERING (+5 points) The small group you meet with on Wednesday nights, also has a gathering outside of our regularly scheduled Rooted service time twice a month. Each time you attend one of these gatherings you receive +5 points! Connect with your Life Group Leader to find out when your group’s next gathering is!

*VOLUNTEER IN YOUR ASSIGNED MINISTRY PLACEMENT(+5 points) When you join the V-team, we will give you a ministry placement. Each time you volunteer in that ministry, receive 5+ points!

*TITHE (+5 points) The Bible instructs every person who has put their faith in Jesus to give something called tithe. “Tithe” is 10% of your income, given to God. Giving our tithe is one way that we show God that He comes first in our life, and the Bible instructs us to give this money to our local church where the mission of Jesus is being accomplished. God honors our giving, and blesses us in return. Each time you give your tithe, you earn +5 points!

*ATTEND ROOTED ON A SUNDAY MORNING AND/OR WEDNESDAY NIGHT (+1 points) Simply attend Rooted or Victory Church and receive 1 point!

*WORSHIP AT THE ALTER ON WEDNESDAY NIGHT (+1 points) The alter is the area at the front of the room by the stage. Join us in this space for the part of our service where we sing and receive +1 point!

*TAKE NOTES IN SERVICE ON SUNDAY MORNING AND/OR WEDNESDAY NIGHT (+1 point) Taking notes is important. Its a way that we retain what we’re learning, and can reference those things when we may need in the future. Each time you attend, use your phone, a journal, or notepad to take notes in service of the message. Earn +1 point each time you do!

Crossing Milestones

Milestones represent checkpoints where you move from one level on the Leadership Board to the next. Certain Milestones will open the door to an opportunity not afforded to everyone. Each milestone is represented by a color. When you cross to a new milestone, this is represented by a color. You receive this color on the badge you wear when you volunteer. Additionally, bigger milestones will earn you a new t-shirt upon completion as a token of your accomplishment.

Below is a chart of the color, point value and opportunities earned with each milestone:
0-249 points / Level WHITE
Receive and invitation once per year to attend the Student Leader Summit.
250 points / Level YELLOW
500 points / Level ORANGE
750 points / Level GREEN
1000 points / Level BLUE
STUDENT LEADER FIRST CLASS: Let your voice be heard. Receive the opportunity to share your story at Rooted.
1,500 points / Level RED
2,500 points / Level BROWN
2,000 points / Level PURPLE
JOIN ROOTED'S SWAT TEAM: Receive an invitation to join Rooted’s Student Work Assignment Team - the student Leadership Board of Rooted.
3,000 points / Level GRAY
ELITE STUDENT LEADER: Receive an opportunity to lead a swat team of leaders in a student led project.
5,000 points / Level BLACK
STUDENT MINISTRY CAPTAIN: Be considered to participate in Victory’s School of Leadership early Internship Opportunity.


Below are the four ministry teams of Rooted, with details on how students participate in each.

Cafe Team

Rooted's Cafe team serves up food, snacks and drinks each week at Rooted.
1. Must arrive at the Rooted cafe to volunteer before doors open at  6:25 p.m. and after service concludes at 8:10 p.m. The cafe closes at 8:30 p.m. students are asked to participate in clean up immediately after, until finished.
2. Must volunteer at least twice a month.
3. Must wear volunteer badge while volunteering.

Tech Team

Rooted's Tech team is a group of people who operate the sound, audio and lighting equipment before, after, and during service times.
1. Must arrive to volunteer before service begins at 6:40 p.m. and after remain in the student sound booth for the duration of the service until 8:00 p.m.
2. Must volunteer at least twice a month.
3. Must wear volunteer badge while volunteering.

Entry Team

Rooted's Entry team greets students, welcomes guests, and helps us track attendance at the entry way, each week.
1. Must arrive to volunteer before doors open at  6:25 p.m. until service begins.
2. Must volunteer at least twice a month.
3. Must wear volunteer badge while volunteering.

Achievements Team

Rooted's Achievements team works with students to track their earned points for participation in Rooted.
1. Must arrive at the Student Leadership Board immediately following service until all students have been served.
2. Must volunteer at least twice a month.
3. Must wear volunteer badge while volunteering.